The Ministry of Transport is the government's principal transport adviser. The majority of our work is in providing policy advice and support to Ministers.

Through our advice we aim to:

  • improve the overall performance of the transport system
  • improve the performance of transport Crown entities
  • achieve better value for money for the government from its investment in the transport system.

We help the government give effect to its policy by supporting the development of legislation, regulations and rules. We also manage and account for funds invested in transport.

The Ministry represents New Zealand's interests internationally, particularly in aviation and maritime.

We work with Crown entities

We assist the government in its relationship with the transport Crown entities to ensure they are effectively governed, and are accountable for their performance and monitoring arrangements for transport sector Crown entities.

Visit the Transport Sector Functions page for more information

We work with local government authorities

Local government authorities own, maintain and develop New Zealand's local road network and perform important regulatory functions. Regional councils (and unitary authorities) are required to develop regional land transport strategies that guide the decision-making of local councils. In the Auckland region, the Auckland Transport carries out these functions. Some local authorities own seaports and airports, or share ownership with the Crown.

Air safety

The Ministry advises government on policy and legislation to make air travel in New Zealand safer. The Ministry also acts as the Minister's agent in the government's relationship with the Civil Aviation Authority(external link), the Aviation Security Service(external link) and the Transport Accident Investigation Commission(external link).

The Ministry also:

  • administers, on behalf of the Minister, the contract with the Meteorological Service of New Zealand Ltd(external link) for the provision of public weather warnings and forecasts
  • manages the Motor Vehicle Register (MVR) and revenue collection functions which includes the collection and refund of motor vehicle registration and licensing fees(external link), road user charges and fuel excise duty, and the maintenance of the MVR. The NZ Transport Agency is contracted to provide these services under an agreement with the Ministry's Chief Executive.
  • has responsibility for the operation of the Milford Sound/Piopiotahi Aerodrome, and oversees the Crown's interest in joint venture airports.

Note: the Ministry of Transport does not have a hands-on-role in daily traffic, aviation, rail or maritime matters.

For all traffic and speed camera enquiries, contact the New Zealand Police.(external link)

For all vehicle compliance, warrant of fitness, child restraint, transport licencing, road safety, driver licensing, road user charges, motor vehicle registration and general licensing enquiries contact the NZ Transport Agency(external link).

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