This page contains regularly asked questions and guidance on where to find out more about driver licensing, vehicle registration, buying and selling vehicles and more.

What does the Ministry of Transport do?

The Ministry is the government’s principal policy adviser for transport. It assists the Minister of Transport in the development and adoption of legislation in Parliament.

The Ministry is not responsible for the day-to-day collection of transport-related fees. This is the role of the NZ Transport Agency (external link) .

Find out about the Ministry.

How can I contact the Minister of Transport?

Visit the Contact us page for more information. 

I want to...

Buy a RUC licence

Do it online with the NZ Transport Agency (external link)

Pay my vehicle licensing fees

Do it online with the NZ Transport Agency (external link)

Find out more about driver licensing

Visit the Driver Licensing page on the NZ Transport Agency website for more information (external link)

Complete the forms for selling my car

Visit the NZ Transport agency transaction centre (external link)

How can I get information and research about road crashes?

The Research section contains a raft of information ranging from monthly crash statistics and quarterly vehicle fleet reports to road safety surveys and vehicle registration statistics.

How do I import a motor vehicle?

Again, this is the responsibility of the NZ Transport Agency. More detailed information on importing motor vehicles (external link) can be found on its website.

How do I find out the road conditions for my journey?

The AA (Automobile Association) provides updates on specific routes. Check out AA Roadwatch (external link) to plan your journey before you travel.

I have witnessed a dangerous driver – how can I report it?

The Community Roadwatch programme (external link) has been designed for use by the New Zealand Police to advise the owner of a motor vehicle about the unsafe or risky driving behaviour you have observed and reported, but where you do not wish the offender to be prosecuted. You can make a report online and it is completely confidential.

International air transport

Where can I obtain statistics on international air transport to and from New Zealand?

The Ministry has not published air transport statistics for New Zealand for some years.

For international statistics the Ministry uses information from the Entry/Departure cards that are filled in by passengers. These cards are processed by Statistics New Zealand.

External migration statistics are available in downloadable spreadsheets in the 'hot off the press' section of the Statistics New Zealand website (external link) . Very few people arrive in New Zealand by sea.

Other sources for international air transport statistics are:

Where can I obtain statistics on domestic air transport in New Zealand?

The Ministry has not published air transport statistics for New Zealand for some years.

Other sources for domestic air transport statistics are:

With which countries does New Zealand have air services arrangements?

View a list of New Zealand's Air Services Agreements.

Where can I obtain copies of these air services arrangements?

New Zealand has around 46 air services relationships with other countries. We aim to eventually make most of these available on our website.

The agreements (treaties) themselves usually do not include all the arrangements. For example if there are any quantitative restrictions, these are normally contained in associated memoranda of understanding/consultations/agreed minutes (a small number of these are confidential at the request of the other party).

The originals of the treaties and any associated amendments are held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), and are published in the New Zealand Treaty Series.

The Ministry holds the originals of the memoranda of understanding, etc.

Some of these arrangements are more significant than others. Some are also already available on the web, notably the Multilateral Agreement on the Liberalisation of International Air Transportation (MALIAT) (external link) and the arrangements with Australia and the Agreement Between the Government of New Zealand and the Government of Australia Relating to Air Services.

Also there are cases where our bilateral partners have published the texts (for example, the memoranda of understanding negotiated with India is now available on our counterpart's web site).

If you are especially interested in particular relationships please contact the Ministry for assistance.

Which international airlines operate or provide code-share services to New Zealand?

View a list of International Airlines Serving New Zealand.

See also the GEN section of the New Zealand Aeronautical Information Publication (external link) for the requirements of other agencies.

Do I need approval from the Ministry of Transport to operate a private (non-commercial) flight to New Zealand?

No, but see the GEN section of the New Zealand Aeronautical Information Publication (external link) for the requirements of other agencies.