This page lists a few of the most popular search queries our website receives. If the information is not available on our site, we have provided links to websites that may assist you with your search.

Road user charges (RUC)

View information on our website regarding developing and maintaining legislation and regulations for road user charges.

For all information on how to pay, exemptions, licences, vehicle types and weight bands, and transaction fees visit the NZ Transport Agency website (external link) .

Warrant of fitness (WOF) and car registration

If you are looking for information on a warrant of fitness, registration or licence for your vehicle, visit the NZ Transport Agency website (external link) .  

Visit the NZ Transport Agency Transaction Centre (external link) for online services such as renewing a warrant of fitness or registration for your car, change of address or change of ownership of a vehicle.

Drug or drink driving

Visit the NZ Transport Agency site (external link) for information on drug and alcohol limits, and advertising campaigns.

For statistical information view the Ministry's crash fact sheets (external link) on topics including, but not limited to, blood alcohol levels (BAC), young drivers, cyclists and fatigue.

Information on the Safer Journeys strategy - actions so far (external link) .

Fines or infringement fees

To get information on how to pay Police infringement fees visit the NZ Police website (external link) .

For information on penalties relating to your driver's licence visit the NZ Transport Agency website (external link) .

Road conditions

For information on road closures, road works or traffic conditions visit the NZ Transport Agency website (external link) .