Section 27J of the Civil Aviation Act 1990 provides for the Minister of Transport to appoint a Convener and Deputy Convener to review medical certification decisions.

The Convener can review a decision made by the Director of Civil Aviation (the Director) about a medical certificate within 20 working days of the Director's decision.

Due to the complexity of the medical issues involved and the requirement to consult other specialists, Convener reviews can take a significant amount of time to complete.

In order for the Convener to comply with their obligation to review as soon as practicable, applicants must supply any supporting information within the requested timeframes.

The Director does not have to accept the Convener's decision but there is an expectation that the Director will do so. If the Director does not accept the Convener's decision he or she must give reasons for this.

View the Guide to the Medical Convenor Process

Download an application form to have a medical certification decision reviewed(external link)

Applicants should send their completed form and any supporting documentation to:

The Convener
c/- The Ministry of Transport
PO Box 3175

Email address:

The Ministry of Transport provides administrative support to the Convener. For inquiries email or telephone 04 439 9337.

Further information on medication certification can be found on the Civil Aviation Authority's website(external link).