West Auckland Airport Parakai - proposal for airport authority status

West Auckland Airport, Parakai, has made an application to the Ministry of Transport to become an airport authority.

The powers and responsibilities the Airport has under legislation will change should the application be granted.

About the Airport

West Auckland Airport is an airfield located at 76 Green Road, Parakai. The Airport is predominantly used for skydiving, flight training and private recreational flying. The Airport has been privately owned by West Auckland Airport Company Ltd since 2005.

About airport authority status

The powers and responsibilities West Auckland Airport has under legislation will change should airport authority status be granted. In particular, airport authority status would allow the airport to set its own bylaws with approval from central government. It would also allow the airport to apply to the Minister for the Environment for requiring authority status, which would give the Airport greater autonomy from the Council to protect land and airspace under the Resource Management Act.

West Auckland Airport has applied for airport authority status, as it plans to develop the airport, with the aim of attracting commercial passenger-carrying airlines. Part of this plan could include development of a new, longer runway.

It views airport authority status as an important step for future growth, allowing it greater ability to attract new investment for planned developments.

The Ministry of Transport is currently reviewing the application from West Auckland Airport, and the views of your community form an important part of the decision making process. Following the public consultation period and the review of all submissions, the Ministry will make a recommendation to government.

Consultation process

Submissions on West Auckland Airport's application for airport authority status have now closed, and can be viewed here [PDF, 10 MB]. The Ministry has removed personal information from these submissions.

If you have any queries, please email us at parakaiairport@transport.govt.nz.

Useful documents

Questions and Answers [PDF, 104 KB]

Powers and responsibilities of an airport authority [PDF, 27 KB]

Airport Authorities Act 1966(external link)

Submissions [PDF, 10 MB]

West Auckland Airport's application [PDF, 2.3 MB]