All vehicles that run on a fuel that does not have an excise at the pump (eg diesel), or weigh more than 3.5 tonnes, are subject to road user charges (RUC). To find out the reason for the differences in charges for petrol and diesel vehicles, visit the light petrol vs diesel page.

If you are interested in knowing what your new road user charges are, you can use our new online RUC calculator or download a version of our Excel RUC calculator spreadsheet [XLS, 90 KB].

This calculator is for information purposes only. To buy a RUC distance label visit the transaction centre of the NZ Transport Agency(external link)

To use this calculator, you first need to know your vehicle's type and its 'RUC weight'.

The Road User Charges Act defines RUC weight as the lesser of the: 

If you do not know your vehicle's RUC weight, you should contact the NZ Transport Agency(external link).

Also note that all amounts in this calculator include GST, but exclude the administration fees payable when purchasing RUC licences.

RUC calculator for rates from 1 July 2015

The government has agreed to increase rates from 1 July 2015. Read more about the increases here.

Use our new online RUC calculator or download a version of our Excel RUC calculator spreadsheet [XLS, 90 KB] to calculate the rates you will pay from 1 July 2015 onwards.

Note: The above link requires Microsoft Excel. To view a schedule of all RUC rates please see the NZ Transport Agency's website(external link).