Report on the Recycle your Ride scrappage trial

The Ministry of Transport, in partnership with a range of organisations, ran trial vehicle scrappage schemes in 2007 and 2009. Both trials offered financial incentives to encourage motorists to scrap vehicles that were nearing the end of their life. The first scheme was held in Auckland in 2007. This proved successful, in that the benefits were found to exceed the costs. As a result a second trial, branded Recycle Your Ride, was held in Wellington and Christchurch in 2009. The Wellington and Christchurch trials showed that a nationwide scrappage scheme was unlikely to be cost effective due to the low number of vehicles received and the relatively low overall social and environmental benefits, relative to the costs.

Questions and answers for the vehicle scrappage trial

Were the trials worthwhile?

Yes. Holding a trial was the most effective way of finding whether there are potential benefits in a nationwide scrappage scheme. Both trials  provided much needed safety and environmental information about vehicles in the New Zealand fleet that were near the end of their working life.

Are there plans for further scrappage trials in other cities?

The Ministry is not currently planning any further scrappage trials.

I missed out on the trials, how can I dispose of my vehicle?

People with unwanted vehicles who missed out on the trial should consider taking them to a vehicle recycler. In most cases they will be able to sell their car as scrap metal.