The resources section of our website provides information about the number of road deaths and crash statistics, transport monitoring indicators, travel and road safety surveys, and the vehicle fleet. It also provides links to other transport and environmental research.

Freight Resources

Includes information on the following:

  • Freight Information Gathering System (FIGS) Developed to provide an overview of containerised freight movements around New Zealand.
  • Livestock Movement Data Provides monthly data on movements of cattle and deer by origin territorial authority/region and destination territorial authority/region.
  • National Freight Demand Study This study provides a snapshot of New Zealand's current freight task and a forecast of what New Zealand's future freight task will look like over the next 30 years.


On these pages we share thinking on possible visions for the future of transport.

Household Travel Survey

The New Zealand Household Travel Survey provides information about how people travel, where they go, when and why and how risky it is.

Research Papers

This section contains research papers commissioned by the Ministry of Transport on a variety of subjects.

Road Safety Resources

NEW VIEWS This year we are presenting and communicating crash analysis in a new, more interactive format. These can be found under New Road Safety Resources and cover material previously reported in the annual overview of crash statistics (Motor Vehicle Crashes in New Zealand 2017), and in the Ministry's crash fact sheets. This work is iterative and will be updated as further analysis is completed. 

Includes information on the following:

  • Old (2016) Crash facts Contains fact sheets outlining useful statistical information on road safety issues, drawn from yearly motor vehicle crash data.
  • Driver offence statistics The New Zealand Police publish statistics on driving offences, including alcohol and drug offences, speed offences, mobile phone offices, mobile phone offences, red light offences, seat belt offences and fines.
  • Road crash statistics Includes crash fact sheets, monthly and annual overviews of crash statistics, rail level crossing statistics, and the social cost of road crashes.
  • Road deaths Includes the information on the number of road deaths daily, quarterly, historically and over holiday periods.
  • Road safety surveys Includes surveys on speed, seatbelt use, and public attitudes to road safety.

Transport Dashboard

The Transport Dashboard displays a collection of our latest data on transport.

Transport Evidence Base Strategy

The Transport Evidence Base Strategy ensures the transport sector has the right data, information, research and evaluation to deliver an evidence-based transport system that improves wellbeing and liveability.

Transport Knowledge Hub

The Transport Knowledge Hubs are groups within the transport research community that exist to broaden research, evidence, analytical and modelling knowledge and capability.

Transport Outlook

The New Zealand Transport Outlook Current State report was launched by the Associate Minister of Transport in June 2017.  The report summarises the New Zealand transport system and provides key facts.

Transport Research Conferences

The Ministry of Transport plays a role in a number of transport sector conferences each year, with issues ranging from safety to engineering and transport funding. This page contains information on transport-related conferences.

Vehicle fleet statistics

Information about New Zealand's vehicles, including cars, commercial vans and trucks, buses, motor caravans, motorcycles and mopeds.

Assistance for Transport Innovators

We have received a number of number of inquiries from entrepreneurs and businesses who have business ideas around transport innovation and developing new technologies in transport, but are unsure where they can find support. Here we have put together a list of resources where you can find business support, from trusted advice to R&D funding, for your next big idea.