Where to find support for your next big idea

We have received a number of number of inquiries from entrepreneurs and businesses who have business ideas around transport innovation and developing new technologies in transport but are unsure where they can find support.

Here we have put together a list of resources where you can find business support, from trusted advice to R&D funding, for your next big idea.

You could find a table putting together a list of financial assistance, both inside and outside government, which a transport innovator can access here [PDF, 155 KB]

Support you could access from Ministry of Transport

The Ministry of Transport is the government's principal transport adviser. The majority of our work is in providing policy advice and support to Ministers. We help the Government of the day give effect to its policy by supporting the development of legislation, regulations and rules.

For those particularly interested in understanding the regulatory and policy environment in transport (e.g. aviation regulations), we encourage you to visit our website. Our website has a trove of resources on policy and legislations, as well as datasets you may find useful.

We recommend that you consult our website as a first port-of-call. You can also contact us at info@transport.govt.nz for more detailed enquiries on policy and legislations. For enquiries that are more directly focused on your business (e.g. funding), you may find resources such as Business.govt.nz and NZTE to be more directly relevant to your interests.

Learn more about Ministry of Transport’s work here.(external link)

Support you could access from Government more broadly


Business.govt.nz is the official portal to one-stop-shop business support provided by the New Zealand Government. Business.govt.nz packages content and advice from across government into tools and resources particularly designed with small businesses in mind.

Here you will find advice and support around business basics such as tax and accounting, hiring and managing people, managing business performance, business growth, and a suite of resources and tools designed to assist you on every stage of your small business journey.

We recommend that you access Business.govt.nz as a first port-of-call for business support queries.

Learn more about Business.govt.nz here.(external link)

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE)

NZTE is New Zealand’s trade export agency.

NZTE provides customised services and support to businesses looking to export goods and services to the rest of the world. NZTE also connects international and domestic investors with opportunities in New Zealand through a global network of investment advisors.

The wide range of services and support that NZTE provides include networking events, business advice, and capability workshops. For rapid-growing businesses that have potential to contribute significantly to New Zealand’s economy, NZTE also provides co-investment in international growth projects through the International Growth Fund.

NZTE also operates the Regional Business Partner Network. This is a network of Growth Advisors that businesses around New Zealand can draw on for business advice and support, as well as making connections with other businesses.

We recommend that you contact with NZTE if you’re looking to export your technology or services, or if you’re looking for investment.  

Learn more about NZTE and their services here.(external link)
Learn more about NZTE’s Regional Business Partner Network here.(external link)

Callaghan Innovation

Callaghan Innovation is New Zealand’s innovation agency.

Callaghan Innovation partners with businesses of all sizes, providing a range of innovation and research and development (R&D) services to suit businesses and their stage of growth.

Callaghan Innovation provides a wide range of services to assist and develop business R&D. These services range from connecting businesses with experts and university researchers, assistance with technology and product development, and upskilling businesses in R&D.

Callaghan Innovation also administers a variety of R&D funding (in the form of grants) to assist business R&D. These grants range from financial support to help businesses employ a R&D intern, to funding intended to take challenging R&D projects “over-the-line” via Project Grants.

We recommend that you contact Callaghan if your idea is facing bottlenecks around R&D, particularly if you’re looking for support to take your business R&D to the next level.

Learn more about Callaghan Innovation here.(external link)

Support you could access outside of government

Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Agencies (EDAs)

Chambers of Commerce and EDAs are regional organisations that can help you connect with businesses and key people in a particular region. These organisations can help you with accessing business and investment opportunities, and local know-how. These organisations often hold networking events where you can share knowledge and build relationships.

Learn more about Chambers of Commerce and EDAs here.(external link)

Business networks

There are a number of other industry organisations, venture capital and private equity organisations that can you help you with business growth either through business support and networking services, or through direct investments designed to generate a return.

We are also home to a number of incubators and accelerators – programmes designed to accelerate the development of start-ups – such as Lightning Lab in Wellington and the Icehouse in Auckland. Often accelerators put a handful of potential start-ups in a short and intense business development period. At the end of that period, start-ups pitch their business ideas to a group of investors for further investment to sustain and grow their businesses.  

Learn more about business networks here.(external link)