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Use of public transport is high in Wellington, with 77% of residents using public transport at least once in the last year (see PT002). Public transport patronage has grown modestly, but steadily, since 2012/13.


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Core dashboard information


Public transport boardings in Greater Wellington Region. Boardings include SuperGold Card passengers, who ride for free.

Boardings are the number of passengers that board public transport services. Patronage that is reported on is related to:

all contracted/funded services

all commercial services available to the public and recorded in the region’s passenger transport register or regional passenger transport plan, unless they are considered to be not material or relevant (based on the impact on the transport network)

The following services should not be included:

commercial services not on the passenger transport register or in the regional passenger transport plan, including fare paying school services

Ministry of Education funded services.

Nature of data

Primary source Metlink
Custodian of data Metlink
URL https://www.metlink.org.nz/customer-services/public-transport-facts-and-figures/patronage/
Frequency Annual


Quality of the data


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