The Government is committed to taking decisive action to protect our climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We need to prioritise transport emissions reductions, which are the fastest growing source of emissions in New Zealand, accounting for nearly 20% of all CO2 greenhouse gases produced.

This includes significantly improving the fuel efficiency, and thereby reducing the emissions, of light vehicles as they account for nearly 70% of all transport emissions.

The Government wants meaningful change to reduce vehicle emissions by introducing a Clean Car Standard and Clean Car Discount, which would apply to all new and used light vehicles first registered in New Zealand after 2021.

A discussion document has been developed to seek feedback on these two proposals to reduce emissions in the light vehicle fleet (cars, SUVs, utes, vans, light trucks). 

Consultation process

Consultations closed at 5pm on 20 August 2019. We thank those who have made a submission. The ministry will now review and analyse submissions, which will serve to inform advice to Government on the proposal.

Useful documents

Written submissions

Clean Car Submissions Folder 1 [ZIP, 18 MB] 
Clean Car Submissions Folder 2 [ZIP, 19 MB]
Clean Car Submissions Folder 3 [ZIP, 18 MB]
Clean Car Submissions Folder 4 [ZIP, 6.1 MB]

Online submmissions

Online survey summary [PDF, 130 KB]