New Zealand needs a modern, safe, efficient and resilient transport system that gives all people access to social and economic opportunities such as work, education, and recreation.

Rail has a key role to play in our transport system. It connects our regions with our cities and helps create a more modern, sustainable transport network.

As part of the coalition agreement between Labour and New Zealand First(external link), the Government commissioned a comprehensive Upper North Island logistics and freight review to ensure New Zealand’s supply chain is fit for purpose in the longer-term. This review includes a focus on the long-term future of ports in the Upper North Island, with a particular focus on Ports of Auckland and Northport. It will also include their recommendations of the priorities for investment in rail and road. The interim paper for this has been released, and a full report is expected in later in 2019.

Alongside this, Ministers have also asked us to specifically look at the case for investing in rail in Northland, including building a rail line to Marsden Point.

This business case has examined the rail options for Northland, and the strategic case for how rail investment in the region contributes to Government priorities.