The Government has announced the development of a new road safety strategy for New Zealand, replacing the current Safer Journeys strategy, which ends in 2020. It will outline the steps New Zealand will take to meaningfully reduce deaths and serious injuries over the coming decade.

As part of the development of the strategy, the Government will investigate adopting the ‘Vision Zero’ approach to road safety thinking, which would set a long-term objective of eliminating deaths on our roads. The strategy will also include consideration of broader harms to health, such as road-related air and noise pollution and physical inactivity.

The strategy will include measurable targets, outcomes and performance measures and be developed alongside an action plan that considers interventions from across the road safety system.

The development of the strategy will be led by the Ministry of Transport, in partnership with other agencies, and overseen by a cross-agency National Road Safety Committee and a Ministerial Group focused on road safety. An expert technical advisory group will also be established to support the development of the strategy.

The development of a new road safety strategy will take until September 2019 and will incorporate multiple opportunities for collaboration and engagement with stakeholders and the broader public.

This page will be updated with further details on the process for the development of the strategy as these are finalised. 

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