To support the Transport Outcomes Framework we have produced a set of quantitative indicators to track transport’s contribution to wellbeing and liveability via the five outcomes over time. These indicators were developed via extensive input and consultation with stakeholders from across the transport sector and government. 

We hope these indicators provide high-level insights into the performance of the transport system, and that this information helps inform decisions and policy across government. We will freely publish the data behind these indicators for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the indicators.

You can see the progress of the indicators under each outcome and download the related data below:

  1. Economic Prosperity
  2. Inclusive Access 
  3. Healthy and Safe People
  4. Environmental Sustainability
  5. Resiliene and Security

Transport Indicators

The Transport Indicators provide a system view of the state of the transport system and can be used by a wide range of audiences in many different ways. For example:

  • transport agencies may use the Transport Indicators to identify areas that are performing well and/or areas that require improvement, and use this information in inform policies and decision making.
  • agencies with a specialised interest or expertise may be interested in the results of specific indicators
  • the general public may be interested in high level insights on the overall performance of the transport system.

The indicators are not intended to be a ‘scorecard’ of the transport system. Some indicators will be more significant than others in terms of their impact, and all of the indicators are influenced by a wide range of factors. The intention is that people will use the indicators to draw their own conclusions about where the system is performing well, and where we need to focus more of our efforts.

Transport Indicators development

We led the development of the Transport Indicators, with support from a wide range of transport and non-transport agencies. The process included desktop research of international and New Zealand reports and literature, internal and external stakeholder engagement through workshops and meetings, and two rounds of consultation.

Expanding or refining the Transport Indicators

This is the first time we are taking a system-wide approach to routinely assess transport’s contributions to wellbeing and liveability. We are taking an iterative approach. While the 2018/19 release covers 31 Transport Indicators, we intend to update and expand the set of indicators as new data sources and methods become available. In areas where we have identified data and research gaps, these have been incorporated into the Transport Evidence Base Strategy (published in December 2019).

Transport Indicators and the Transport Dashboard

There are overlaps between the Transport Indicators and the Transport Dashboard. The Transport Indicators were selected to orient and track progress in key outcome areas based on the Transport Outcomes Framework, while the Transport Dashboard is a collection of key New Zealand transport statistics and provides a data rich environment to answer wider sets of transport questions.