Our transport sector is experiencing a period of rapid technological change and is influenced by many uncertain factors such as consumer preferences and the future size and make-up of our population. The ways in which we travel and move our freight around the country constantly change and will no doubt look much different in 25 years. That’s why it’s important to understand the drivers of change and what the future for transport may look like as we head into the mid-21st Century.

The Transport Outlook: Future State aims to identify some of the key trends and uncertainties that will influence the development of the sector and to offer an initial set of alternative scenarios for how the future might unfold. The report looks into the future and aims to provide an information resource for anyone who participates in the transport policy and planning process. It is intended to provide a base of common information, assumptions, and projections that others in the sector can use for future planning, policy-making and investment.

The report is intended as a starting discussion for a continuing process of engagement with stakeholders and researchers, leading to a better understanding of the future opportunities and choices that we face in the New Zealand transport sector. It does not represent government policy proposals or plans.

The new report forms part of the Transport Outlook resource kit. An earlier publication (released June 2017), the Transport Outlook: Current State 2016,  provided information on the current state of the transport system.

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