The Future of Low-Carbon Transport

In the future transport will no longer be on the list of major contributors to carbon emissions. High speed charging stations will outnumber petrol pumps and walking and cycling will become the preferred way to travel for short distances.

In the future, transport will get us to where we need to be, when we need to get there, and it will do so with a fraction of the emissions we see today.

We see a future where transport has ceased to be one of the major players of the carbon century. Transport will no longer be on the list of major contributors to carbon emissions. We will power our vehicles with different sources of energy, use different vehicles, and travel shorter distances.

That’s one possible vision of the future, and you may not agree with it. In fact, we want you to challenge these statements and ideas.

The visions and information on these futures pages are not presented as the views of industry or government policy. Rather, it is the Ministry of Transport’s intention for this work to stimulate wider debate and generate ideas on the possible future of New Zealand’s transport system.

Explore the content on this page to learn about some of the possibilities for the future of low-carbon transport, and have your say by using the polls and feedback forms to explore the transport future you would like to see. This information and your views will inform our future work.

Challenge our ideas and let us know your vision for the future of low-carbon transport.

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