The Urban Cycleways Programme was announced by the Prime Minister on 18 August 2014, with the aim of making significant improvements to cycling infrastructure in the main urban centres.

Of the $100 million Urban Cycleways Fund, $10 million is available to progress projects in 2014/15. The remaining $90 million will be spent over the following three financial years.

The Prime Minister and Minister of Transport announced 41 projects for 2015/16 to 2017/18 on 25 June 2015.

On 30 January 2015, the Minister of Transport announced 13 projects to receive funding in the 2014/15 financial year. This investment pulls together a range of funding sources and provides a total of $37 million to expand and improve New Zealand’s cycling network.

Information about the 2014/15 projects:



Palmerston North





Map of Nelson Street Cycleway

Nelson Street Cycleway

Estimated project time: March -End 2015 (Phase 1), -Mid 2016 (Phase 2)
Project cost estimate: $11 milion

The Nelson Street Cycleway will provide a new 3.5km cycleway connecting the Newtown Road (Upper Queen Street) and Quayside areas of Auckland, utilising the disused old Nelson Street off-ramp in two phases. The project enhances work already underway on the Auckland cycle network and is one of two key strategic links into the city.

Map of Cycleway from Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive

Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Design

Estimated project time: February-August 2015
Project cost estimate: $2 million

Completion of the design phase of the Central-Eastern journey corridor in Auckland. This project will enable the construction of the section from Glen Innes to Meadowbank to start in this financial year and will accelerate construction of the remainder of the corridor

Map of Cycleway from Glen Innes to Meadowbank

Glen Innes to Meadowbank Cycleway

Estimated project time: March 2015-January 2016
Project cost estimate: $7.5 million

The Glen Innes to Meadowbank project is a 4.3km off-road, shared path, provide a direct connection between Point England, Panmure and the current areas covered by the Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative (AMETI) to the Auckland CBD via Tamaki Drive.

The route is part of the Central Eastern journey corridor and will act as the backbone of the Auckland cycle network. It has been prioritised by Auckland Transport as a ‘cycle metro’ and assigned ‘high’ priority for implementation.

Map of Auckland Airport Cycleway

Airport to CBD National Cycle Trail

Estimated project time: March-May 2015
Project cost estimate: $250,000

This project involves the signposting of a 33km section of the New Zealand Cycle Trail between Auckland Airport and the CBD.

The route will follow existing and planned sections of the Auckland cycle network and will include some minor infrastructure improvements.

Map of Central Park Drive Cycleway

Central Park Drive Cycleway

Estimated project time: March-August 2015
Project cost estimate: $480,000

A new 300m long, 3.5m wide shared path along the eastern side of Central Park Drive in west Auckland. The project will provide a connection between the existing access point to the North-western Cycleway and an existing shared path at Universal Drive.

Map of Don Buck Road Cycleway

Don Buck Road Cycleway

Estimated project time: March-August 2015
Project cost estimate: $1.26 million

This 700 metre mixture of on and off-road cycling improvements is the third stage in the Western Journey cycling corridor. The new facilities will extend the existing cycle network and link into other proposed cycling improvements.

Together with the Central Park Drive project, this will extend a link to the North-western Cycleway and support the Western Ring Route Network Plan.


Map of Te Awa Cycleway

Te Awa Cycleway (Hamilton to Ngaruawahia)

Estimated project time: February-June 2015 (Phase 1), June-November 2015 (Phase 2)
Project cost estimate: $4.5 million

The completion of this shared walking and cycling corridor between Hamilton and Ngaruawahia will enable safe active travel between businesses, schools and residential areas within Hamilton, Horotiu and Ngaruawahia. It will also provide high quality recreational walking and cycling facilities along the Waikato River.

Palmerston North

Map of Longburn Cycleway

Longburn Cycleway

Estimated project time: February-June 2015
Project cost estimate: $900,000

An off-road cycle and pedestrian path alongside a busy state highway corridor which links the growing Longburn community and commercial area with the rest of Palmerston North.


Map of Wainuiomata Hill Cycleway

Wainuiomata Hill Cycleway

Estimated project time: March 2015-2017
Project cost estimate: $4.5 million

A new, separated shared cycling and pedestrian path connecting Wainuiomata, a satellite town of 16,000 people, to jobs and education in the wider Hutt Valley. Currently this high speed road link over the Wainuiomata Hill poses a high crash risk for cyclists and pedestrians.


Map of Matai Street East Cycleway

Matai Street East Cycleway

Estimated project time: March-August 2015
Project cost estimate: $1.6 million

This 400m route includes an upgrade to the Fendalton/Harper/Deans Avenues intersection, and is a first priority in the Council’s Major Cycleway programme.

The full route extends to the CBD via the University of Canterbury, Riccarton Bush, Christchurch Boys’ High School, Christchurch Girls’ High School, and Hagley Park.

Map of Papanui Parallel Cycleway

Papanui Parallel Cycleway

Estimated project time: March-August 2015
Project cost estimate: $750,000

The Grants to Tome section of the Papanui Parallel will see a shared cycling and pedestrian path provide a direct connection from the local road network at Grassmere Road to the north and Rutland Street to the south.

The Papanui Parallel route is a first priority in Christchurch City Council’s Major Cycleway programme and extends from Papanui to the CBD.

Map of Rolleston to Lincoln Cycleway

Rolleston to Lincoln Cycleway

Estimated project time: March-June 2015
Project cost estimate: $850,000

A new 8.6km off-road path for pedestrians and cyclists alongside Boundary Road and Lincoln Rolleston Road. This is an important link in the strategic cycling network in Eastern Selwyn that connects fast growing townships, and extends to Christchurch with a series of off-road paths. It is expected that a significant proportion of users will be young people accessing schools and sporting facilities.


Map of South Dunedin Cycleway Enhancements

South Dunedin Cycleway Enhancements

Estimated project time: February-June 2015
Project cost estimate: $1.705 million

Completion of a cycle network that provides safer links to local schools, activity centres, key destinations and recreational facilities in South Dunedin, and provides connectivity into the CBD and existing Harbour Cycleway.