September 2016

Land Transport Amendment Bill Introduced

The Land Transport Amendment Bill was introduced to Parliament on 12 September 2016. The Bill amends the Land Transport Act 1998 and consequentially amends other Acts, regulations, and land transport rules.

To promote the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of the land transport system, the Bill will:

  • introduce new requirements that will apply to all small passenger services, by removing outdated provisions and by catering for the use of new technologies that facilitate such services
  • make the alcohol interlock programme mandatory for repeat and serious first time drink-driving offenders
  • incease penalties for fleeing drivers, or those who fail or refuse to provide information that may lead to the identification of fleeing drivers
  • include new provisions to help limit fare evasion on public transport
  • update the Act's requirements relating to heavy vehicles to complement the new Land Transport (Vehicle Dimensions and Mass) Rule 2016
  • make miscellaneous changes to various Act provisions to make them more workable.


Cabinet Paper

The following Regulatory Impact Statements (RIS) have been prepared for the proposed changes to the Land Transport Act 1998: