The Regulatory System (Transport) Amendment Bill is the first in a series of regulatory Bills to ensure the transport regulatory system is fit for purpose, and that regulatory functions are modern and effective.

This Bill is part of a series of activities to support the whole of system view of regulation, described in the Transport Regulatory Stewardship Plan for 2019–2022. This is a departure from the previous ad-hoc approach to transport-related legislative maintenance that caused inefficiencies and ineffectiveness within the transport system.

This Bill is intended to be a vehicle for smaller regulatory fixes to be made in a timely and cost-effective fashion in order to deliver benefits to the transport system. The amendments do not justify standalone bills, but are more significant than amendments that are generally included in a Statutes Amendment Bill.

This Bill will address historical and current regulatory issues through amendments to transport legislation. The Bill will ensure good regulation, reflect stewardship responsibilities and promote safety in the transport sector.

Key changes proposed by this Bill include:

  • Enabling the creation and use of transport instruments
  • Clarifying exemption and revocation powers
  • Amending the board sizes of transport Crown agencies
  • Addressing transport regulatory gaps, errors and inconsistencies within transport legislation.

On 19 March 2020, the Minister of Transport presented the first reading speech for this Bill to the House.

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