The Domain Plan ensures that the transport sector has the right data and information. It aims to help the transport sector to better coordinate how agencies collect and manage data and knowledge, and ensure that existing information is visible, and easy to use. Ultimately, it will help maximise the value of data by enabling greater data sharing and integration.

The Domain Plan:

  • Details the data and information needs identified by the sector to answer the big transport policy questions
  • Identifies the high-priority initiatives required to fill the most important data and information gaps and summarises them by transport outcome
  • Includes a set of actions required to enhance the availability, governance and use of transport data and information
  • Recognises the value of data and information for improved transport outcomes for all New Zealanders

The Domain Plan includes five critical and inter-related enablers to support the generation and use of transport evidence, these include:

  1. Improve access: existing data and information is discoverable, accessible and reusable, and its value is maximised at the agency level
  2. Improve governance: data and information is collected, managed and shared in a consistent manner and able to be used
  3. Invest in the right activities: we are able to close priority data and information gaps where the collection of new data or additional information is required
  4. Facilitate collaboration: there is an increase in the number of cross-government and public-private data sharing partnerships
  5. Develop capacity and capability: the sector has the necessary skills and capabilities to collect, analyse and disseminate data and information products

The Domain Plan is an updated version of the Transport Domain Plan, originally published in 2016 along with the Transport Research Strategy.  These documents have now been fully superseded by the Transport Evidence Base Strategy.