The Ministry of Transport has developed the Freight Information Gathering System to provide an overview of freight movements around New Zealand, including containerised freight, rail freight, and bulk coastal freight.

The Freight Information Gathering System builds on information currently provided by Stats NZ(external link) while making valuable new information on freight movements available for the first time.

The information is updated four times a year, and follows a consistent collection methodology to allow for tracking movements and trends across time.

The information contains data from New Zealand’s largest container ports; Ports of Auckland(external link), Port of Tauranga(external link), Port of Napier(external link), Port Nelson(external link), CentrePort(external link), Lyttelton Port Company(external link), PrimePort Timaru(external link), Port Otago(external link) and South Port(external link).

Rail data has been provided by KiwiRail(external link), and shows nationwide freight movements by region and by commodity, in both tonnes and tonne-kilometres.

Recent changes

  • 29/09/2020 Containers 2020Q2 published
  • 03/07/2020 Overseas ship visits 2019Q4 and 2020Q1 published
  • 09/07/2020 Port container handling 2020Q1 published
  • 09/07/2020 Rail 2020Q1 published
  • 16/07/2020 Trade 2019Q4 published
  • 24/07/2020 Coastal bulk 20Q1 published

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have experienced significant delays in getting data from our various data providers and have had restricted access to our own internal systems. The 20Q1 update is currently underway. Please expect publication by end of June 2020.

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