The New Zealand household travel survey was carried out over a full year from July 1989 to June 1990. 


An initial letter, which described the aims and content of the survey, was sent to the selected households.  Next an interviewer called at the address to gather household information, explain the purpose of the survey and leave a memory jogger for each participant to record travel details over the two consecutive travel days selected for that household.  Finally, as soon as possible after the travel days, the interviewer returned to conduct the survey.  Copies of the household and personal survey forms are included in Appendix 5 of the survey report.

All travel for household occupants aged 5 years or over was recorded by the survey. 

The trip data were recorded in enough detail to allow the trip distances to be measured by tracing out the trip route on a map overlaying a digitising board.


Results from this survey are available in pdf format only.

The report presents an overview of the survey results and provides a qualitative discussion of the survey sample design, the use of weights in obtaining national travel estimates, and the method used to obtain estimates of the sampling errors,