NOTE: This information refers to the 2003-2014 historical survey.

For information about the Oct 2015 onwards survey go to Current Survey(external link)

The Ministry of Transport has commissioned TNS to carry out the Travel Survey. All interviewers carry official identification cards.

Interviews and completing diaries

A trained interviewer visits each selected household and invites the members to complete a memory jogger (PDF, v 7.0 162KB) to record all their travel over two days. People who drive a truck, bus or taxi for a living complete a special professional driver memory jogger (PDF, v7.0, 148KB).

The interviewer returns after the travel days to conduct a personal interview with each person in the household.

The interview includes questions about the travel in the memory jogger, crash history and alcohol consumption.

Selecting households

Blocks of houses used for the Census (called meshblocks) are picked at random. Selected houses in the meshblock are sent a letter describing the survey and advising that a surveyor will call.

An interviewer visits the houses and invites people to take part. The people in the house note down their travel on two particular days.

As soon as possible after the travel days the interviewer comes back and interviews each household member.

Over seven to eight years every household in the meshblock will be invited to take part in the survey. Then the survey will move to different meshblocks and the process will start over again.

Privacy considerations

The information we collect is used for statistical purposes only. Full names are not recorded and no information will be published that identifies an individual or a household.