As part of the new version of the travel survey, people are asked if they are happy to take part in other surveys. With their permission, contact details are kept so they can be invited to take part in short, often online surveys. These allow deeper research into people's attitudes to transport and what might influence travel in their daily lives, as well as their travel patterns.

Leading indicators of change:

All sorts of things can influence travel choices. These range from the technologies in our pocket, to opinions on how safe our streets are. As part of a longer term monitoring program, the Ministry commissioned the University of Otago to establish survey questions across six transport related areas:

  • Public transport
  • Transport technologies
  • Travel substitution
  • Environment
  • Concepts of ownership
  • Active transport

These questions are designed to track over time interest in, adoption of, and attitudes to new technologies and types of transport in New Zealand.

Surveys run so far: