The New Zealand Household Travel Survey is an ongoing survey of household travel conducted for the Ministry of Transport.

Each year from 2015 onwards, people in approximately 1,900 households are invited to participate in the survey by recording all their travel. Each person in the household is asked about their travel and other related information.

A section of results from the first 2 survey years (Oct 2015 – August 2017) are reported here. These results are based on households recording all their travel over a 7 day period.

In July 2018, the methodology changed from asking housheolds to record 7 days of travel to recording 2 days of travel. See Survey questionnaire and methodology section for more information about this change.

Please note that these are preliminary results from the New Zealand Household Travel Survey and may be subject to change. These results from the new survey are not directly comparable to the results from the 2003-14 or earlier travel surveys. The detail and breadth of information available based on the new survey will improve as the sample size increases over the years.

This analysis focusses on those households where everyone in the household fully completed the travel diary and they are weighted to represent the New Zealand population.