Here are copies of the survey questions for the 2015 onwards survey.

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2015/16 survey questions [PDF, 826 KB]

2016/17 survey questions [PDF, 848 KB]

2017/18 survey questions [PDF, 846 KB]

2018/19 survey questions [PDF, 822 KB]

2019/20 survey questions [PDF, 847 KB]

Information on the methodology for the 2015-2017 survey is available here.

2015/17 methodology [PDF, 550 KB]

The following changes were made to the methodology from July 2018 for the 2018/19 survey cycle:

  • The number of travel days was reduced from seven days to two days in line with the historical travel survey.
  • The interviewer returns to the household at the end of the assigned travel days to compile an electronic travel diary for each occupant.