Air Passenger Departures Forecast

These models project air travel demand to the year 2030 in two parts: one is international passenger departures by New Zealand residents and the other is total domestic air travel departures by both New Zealand residents and foreign visitors.

Note that additional air travel demand projections are available in the Transport Outlook: Future State


Auckland's size, growth and resulting congestion mean addressing the city's transport issues is a key focus for the government. From time to time, the Ministry commissions research to better understand Auckland's transport issues.

Construction industry study

To improve understanding about cost pressures on road maintenance, operations and renewals, the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) was commissioned to undertake research in 2013. Read the NZIER study [PDF, 2.7 MB].

Container productivity at New Zealand ports

With data from participating ports, the Ministry produced a report on container productivity performance in New Zealand. 

Drug driving research

The Ministry of Transport commissioned the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited to reanalyse blood specimens taken from drivers.  Find out more about Drug research on Land Transport Act blood specimens.

Economic impact of air services liberalisation

In 2013, the Ministry of Transport commissioned Covec to conduct an econometric analysis on the impact of our air services liberalisation work programme.

Read the Covec report [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Environmental research 

The transport sector helps inform policy development on issues including vehicle emissions and energy sources.

Future Freight Scenarios

The Ministry of Transport published the Future Freight Scenarios study on 5 December 2014. The study shows that larger international container ships visiting New Zealand create both opportunities and risks. 

Intelligent Mobility

International Air Freight Report

This reserach analyses demand and available capacity, freight movement patterns and charges, as well as historic trends and future demand.

Inter-Regional Ground Travel Data from Qrious

"Big data”, based on the movements of mobile phones and other connected devices, provides a potential new source of data on inter-regional travel. The Ministry of Transport, therefore, contracted with Qrious to provide prototype datasets for the calendar year 2017 showing relative levels of travel between regions and territorial authorities in New Zealand. Qrious is a subsidiary of Spark, a major New Zealand telecommunications provider.  

National Transport Model scoping

The Ministry commissioned the Transportation Research Centre at the University of Auckland in 2014 to advise on the best design for a national transport model. 

Road Use Patterns of Freight Vehicles

This section includes recent reports by Beca Ltd, based on GPS and other data on various samples of freight vehicles.

Transport Regulation

This report looks for opportunities to improve the regulatory environment in the transport sector. It introduces a framework to systematically scan the existing stock of regulations for regulations with a high likelihood of creating market inefficiencies.

Read the NZIER report [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Understanding transport costs and charges

During 2008-2011, the Ministry of Transport conducted some work to update the knowledge of transport costs and charges.