The Ministry is responsible for officially recording the number of road deaths information.

These tables cover road deaths and fatal crashes for 2019 as at midnight for 31 December. The data is strictly provisional. Numbers may change following further investigation (i.e. a medical event is not counted in the official figures) or if a person dies from a crash within 30 days of the crash.

 As at 20 May 2020 provisionally there were 352 road deaths from 300 fatal crashes.

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Definitions used in these tables.


Open Road and Urban areas: where the terms "Urban" and "Open Road" are used:

Urban refers to all speed limit areas of 70 km/h and under and limited speed zones.

Open Road refers to all speed limit areas of over 70 km/h.


Road Death- Injuries from a crash that results in death within 30 days of the crash. This is consistent with the international definition.


State Highways and local roads: State highways are those roads in New Zealand that form a nationally strategic purpose in moving people and goods nationwide. For example State Highway 1 runs the entire length of New Zealand.

Local roads are those roads that form a regionally strategic purpose in moving people and goods within regions.


Weekends: Weekends run from 6pm on a Friday and continue through until 6am on a Monday.


A fuller set of glossary terminology can be found here: