The Transport Dashboard is designed to be used in two ways.  

1) If you know what statistics you are interested in, you can drill down to them. Click the topic you are interested in on the listing of topics displayed under ‘Transport Dashboard’ at left. The home page for that topic will appear, with a listing of statistics for that topic appearing at the right. Click on any statistic (key or related) to bring up a page which discusses the statistic, displays a graph of the statistical data, describes the definition and source of the statistic, and, in most case, gives a URL to the primary source data. To download the data as a csv file, on any page, go to the ‘Tableau’ line and click on the ‘download’ icon at the far right, select ‘crosstab’. 

2) If you would like a statistical overview of transport in New Zealand, you can take a tour of the key transport statistics. To do so, just click here. You can then move through the key statistics by clicking on the ‘Next page →’ link on each page.

As noted, the Transport Dashboard is still under development. Beyond adding more topics, improvements to the user navigation are also in the works. However, we always welcome your feedback on the Transport Dashboard. Please contact: