The Ministry of Transport is currently working on the next Government Policy Statement on land transport, GPS 2021.

In March and April 2019 the GPS development process kicked into gear, engaging with stakeholders across the country. The feedback has been very helpful in building our understanding of how GPS 2018 has worked in practice and potential areas for improvement. Since then we have been reviewing the current GPS and have begun discussions with the Minister of Transport on how we can refine the GPS to achieve the Government’s priorities.

We are busy preparing a draft GPS for public engagement. Although we can’t confirm exact dates, we expect to release a draft in early 2020.


Update as of August 2019

We have previously noted that a second stage of GPS 2018 was expected, and we were looking to release this in 2019. Following feedback from stakeholders, Minister Twyford has recently made a decision not to proceed with a second stage GPS 2018.

GPS 2018 was already a large change for the sector compared to the GPS 2015. Instead of making further changes mid-way through the three year GPS cycle, it was decided that the potential further changes signalled in GPS 2018 would be best to wait until GPS 2021. This approach acknowledges that local government and NZTA need time to deliver on the current GPS priorities and that the Government’s step-change in investment direction will take some time to bed in.


Update as of May 2019

The Ministry held 14 regional workshops with local government and other stakeholders in March–April 2019 to understand the key issues for stakeholders before we begin providing advice to Ministers on GPS 2021. A summary of the matters arising from those workshops was provided to Ministers in May 2019: