The Ministry of Transport’s progress towards its goals has been assessed in a Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) follow-up report. The follow-up report assesses whether the Ministry’s response to its 2013 PIF review has been appropriate.

The follow-up review finds the Ministry is paying attention to everything that matters for success, and emphasises that the Ministry needs to embed and continue change.

Ministry of Transport Chief Executive Martin Matthews said “The PIF follow-up report finds a marked improvement across the five priority areas identified in the original 2013 PIF review. While laying down a challenge to maintain momentum, it notes that a lot has been done to lift performance to a high level and address some of the big issues for the future.”

The Ministry’s response, included in the review document, notes that actions addressing the priority areas will continue, and be re-examined in light of the review’s recommendations.

The PIF review process is managed by the State Services Commission. PIF evaluates the Ministry on its own goals, looking at whether it is on track to achieve them and able to make the contribution that New Zealand needs.

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