16 May 2013

The Ministry of Transport has commissioned two studies to get a better handle on New Zealand’s future freight flows.

Ministry of Transport Chief Executive Martin Matthews says the last national study reflects the freight sector as it was six years ago.

“Since then, events like the global financial crisis and the Canterbury earthquakes have changed New Zealand’s freight task.

“The National Freight Demand Study 2013 will provide information that will enable planning to be informed by more up-to-date forecasts. This is important to ensure that the right infrastructure is located at the right place and accessible at the right time. The study will help ensure New Zealand’s transport infrastructure supports economic growth.

“The study will also help large transport operators make more informed decisions.”

The national study will be based on interviews with producers throughout New Zealand and transport operators in all modes – land, sea and air. The information will be analysed by experts and national projections made.

A second study focusing on ports, the Future Freight Scenarios Study, will be carried out at the same time. This study will look at some of the choices New Zealand has in responding to changes in international shipping.

“Through modelling scenarios, the Future Freight Scenarios Study will allow us to see what choices ports, KiwiRail, NZ Transport Agency, coastal shipping and cargo owners can make to avoid bottlenecks and best support export competitiveness,” says Mr Matthews.

“This will help New Zealand benefit from the worldwide trend to larger container ships, rather than being disadvantaged by it.”

The Ministry has contracted Deloitte to carry out both studies. Interviews will be carried out during May-July and both reports will be completed in early 2014. Results will be shared with participants and trends made public. Commercial information will remain confidential.

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