The Secretary for Transport, Peter Mersi says a significant milestone towards the delivery of Auckland Light Rail has been achieved with both NZTA and NZ Infra submitting Proposals for evaluation.

“This is an exciting step towards the selection of the Government’s preferred delivery partner for Auckland Light Rail,” Peter Mersi said.

The Ministry of Transport is leading a structured process to consider the Proposals.

“The full contents of the Proposals are confidential but what I can tell you is that two very comprehensive Proposals were received by the Ministry of Transport. These are now being reviewed by the evaluation teams,” Peter Mersi said.

The evaluation teams comprise people from the Ministry of Transport and partner agencies supported by private sector legal, commercial and engineering experts.

The evaluation of the Proposals will take place over December and January with advice going to the Government for consideration from February.

“Auckland Light Rail will be enormously significant for Auckland and New Zealand in terms of unlocking access to jobs, education, reducing transport congestion and enabling urban regeneration. Getting the right delivery partner is crucial and the evaluation process is an important part of this,” says Peter Mersi.

The Government is expected to announce its preferred delivery partner early next year.

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