Ministry of Transport

The Ministry of Transport represents the government’s wider transport policy interests and communicates the government’s expectations to key stakeholders. It can act as a referee and negotiator between parties when necessary, monitor Vote transport capital spending on rail, and provide advice on capital investment in metro rail services. The Ministry would work closely with the Treasury in recommending capital investment decisions.

NZ Transport Agency

The NZ Transport Agency(external link) is responsible for administering centrally funded public subsidies for the operation of metro rail services from the National Land Transport Fund. The NZ Transport Agency approves procurement processes, and actively monitors regions’ procurement and delivery practices, including projected rail subsidy levels, to drive greater value for money. link)

The NZ Transport Agency Rail Regulation Unit plays an important role in keeping rail participants and the rail infrastructure safe through annual assessments of licensed operators. Primary roles of the Rail Regulation Unit include:

  • assessing performance
  • monitoring and profiling operators
  • licensing rail participants
  • developing rail safety guidelines and setting standards
  • developing a rail regulatory framework
  • undertaking rail safety promotion and education.

This is a co-regulatory role, with licence holders sharing the responsibility of applying regulations and good safety practice into their everyday activities.

Transport Accident Investigation Commission

The principal purpose of the Transport Accident Investigation Commission(external link) (TAIC) is to determine the circumstances and causes of accidents and incidents with a view to avoiding similar occurrences in future, rather than to ascribe blame to any person. TAIC investigates significant aviation, rail, and marine accidents and incidents. TAIC does not investigate road events except - for example - when the circumstances may have significant implications for rail safety. TAIC is a standing Commission of Inquiry and an independent Crown entity. link)

Crown Ownership Monitoring Unit

Treasury’s Crown Ownership Monitoring Unit(external link) monitors the government’s investment in companies/entities owned by the Crown, assists with the appointment of directors, and provides performance and governance advice to Ministers. The Unit looks after the government’s ownership interest in KiwiRail. link)

Rail Legislation