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Vehicle travel

Vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) TV001
Road vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) by vehicle type TV002
Road vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) per capita TV003
Road vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) in major urban areas TV028
Road heavy vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) by road type TV032
Light fleet road vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) by engine size TV033
Road vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) by fuel type TV034

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Air travel

Aircraft movements TV036
Annual seat hours offered by air TV037
Annual flight hours TV038
Number of international arrivals and departures by air TV011
Number of international flights per week TV012
Where our international passengers travel to and from TV039

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Travel in vehicles

Total person kilometres travelled (PKT) TV009
Mean light 4-wheeled vehicle occupancy (people/km) TV010
Distance travelled by single occupant vehicles in major urban areas on weekdays TV013

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Public transport volumes

Total public transport boardings TV020
Total public transport boardings per capita TV021

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Walking and cycling

Distance cycled (people aged five and over) TV014
Distance cycled per person aged five and over TV015
Time spent walking (people aged five and over) TV016
Time spent walking per person aged five and over TV017
Distance walked and cycled by residents of main and secondary urban areas TV018
Number of walking and cycling trip legs TV019

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Fleet information

Vehicle fleet numbers TV004
Total number of first registrations of road vehicles TV005
Average age of fleet (road, rail, maritime, aviation) TV006
Average engine size of the light passenger and commercial road fleet TV007
Light vehicle fleet by engine size TV030
Road fleet by fuel type TV008
Vehicle ownership per capita TV035